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September 11, 2007

EPA Fines Northampton's Wastewater Treatment Facility

Reading the Eagle-Tribune online today, a newspaper an North Andover, MA, I learned that the EPA has fined Northampton's Wastewater treatment facility for "failing to update its five-year plan for responding to problems with hazardous chemicals on site." I am wondering if this is a citation that was issued a while ago, as I seem to recall reading this locally sometime ago, but I can't be sure. Does anyone have any information on that? Is this an old citation?

The article is reporting on the same citation issued to yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, based in Londonberry, New Hampshire. At the bottom of the article, it lists other companies cited by the EPA for the same, and the Wastewater Treatment Facility on Hockanum road is listed as a site that was fined, though it does not note the amount or date.

The regional administrator of the EPA New England Office said the legal action taken against the New England companies was not just a paperwork exercise, and that it is imperative that companies that store or use hazardous chemicals pay close attention to legal and safety requirements.

"By following Risk Management Plan requirements, facilities help prevent chemical accidents and save lives," the EPA's Robert Varney said.
I attempted to speak with the EPA's New England office to ascertain when this fine was issued, and in what amount, but I was unable to get anyone at this time. (5pm)

I also looked at the Gazette online, and searched the archives looking for a mention on this, as noted above I feel like I already read this a while ago. I was unable to find anything at the Gazette, but that says more about my ability to use their archive search effectively then it does about whether or not this is old news that has been reported already. So, FWIW, there it is.

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