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September 15, 2007

Could We? Should We? Would We? Things I Wonder About.

Often I wonder about the process for getting policy implemented. Does everything always have to be such a lengthy and involved process?

It would be nice if we had a department in City Hall charged with community affairs, or implementing ideas and requests from communities. The Office of Neighborhood Involvement for instance. One where the Director had lots of leeway to implement proposals requested by community groups, strictly on a trial basis. If the idea works out, it can stay and be made permanent by changing the City Charter, ordinance, or whatever. Complaints by the Chamber of Commerce would not be considered during the trial period. We could even have a special hat in the ONI office where we could instruct the Chamber to go sh*t in whenever they called to complain. As a matter of fact, only individual residents, representing themselves without affiliation, would be able to weigh in on any proposal either during the trial period or the proposal itself. What do you think? I'm going to ask City Hall if we can add an office like this.


As a commenter on the MassLive Northampton Forum recently wondered in regards to the larger yellow median line painted on South St. meant to slow traffic...

Why didn't the City just make the bike lane on each side larger? Why narrow the road via a large yellow line in the middle, when the same effect could have been achieved by making the bike lanes larger? Two for the price of one if you will.


What if we closed the top level of the parking garage during days in the summer when it isn't operating at capacity, which is almost everyday, and allowed some kind of community events there? Free films, a slip and slide, live music, dj's, whatever.

That would be great on a Thursday night in town. I'd go. We could call it the 'The Parking Garage Presents'. It might even be able to earn money. Lock every stairwell door and allow access only via the elevator. Maybe you could charge people one dollar for entry. Who knows. You could definitely sell beer and wine. Would that be a liability issue? Would being up there at all be a liability issue? Would people falling off the roof be a worry? I don't know, I bet it would be. But I'll tell you though, fall of that parking garage roof once, and you'll make sure not to do it again.


What if someone wants to buy one of those bicycles with a freezer attached to the front. You know, the kind you see in every vibrant city. What if someone wanted to ride it around selling ice cream. Would the City of Northampton allow that? I've always wanted one of those bikes.


When is the City of Northampton going to set up a Twitter page for parking reg's in the winter. I know I could just call the number, 586.6969, to see if street parking is allowed, but whoever records that information for the line could just as easily post it to Twitter. That way, whoever is subscribed to that Twitter page wouldn't have to call anyone, they would just get a text alert every time the ban was enacted or withdrew. The information would be pushed out, as opposed to standing alone somewhere waiting for you to find it. [what is Twitter?]


I wonder if M.I.A. would hang out with me? Would she be my friend? I can't stop listening to her new album, especially the track Paper Planes. Listen | Download


Maybe I should join the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association to see if I can work on doing things like the above, here in the Ward. I'd especially enjoy getting people involved in an intersection intervention. That would be so much fun.

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