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September 28, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--Daryl LaFleur has a damaging first hand account from a tenant at Meadowbrook Apartments detailing the mismanagement and dangerous housing conditions that exist there.
--The Gazette reports, Northampton board swamped by minutes backlog
--Collins and Vannah discuss Gene Tacy's write-in campaign for Mayor on WHMP's News Watch. [mp3] They also had City Councilor Paul Spector on recently to discuss the casino issue, and the redesign of Pulaski Park. [mp3]
--Kelsey Fylnn discovers the rest stop on the bike path in Florence constructed by the Pedal People. As Kelsey found, the Pedal People are providing a by-donation pay phone, but that's not all they are doing up there.
--Mount Tom Station, the only large coal-fired power plant in Western Massachusetts, will not be able to meet state standards for airborne mercury pollution in 2008 and 2009.
--University of Massachusetts faculty are objecting to a private retreat and dinner the board of trustees has scheduled for November.
--Patrick signs bill making it simpler for public employees to unionize
--The Republican's 'Local Buzz' revisits The Valley's struggle with porn, the left, elitism, and an industry leaning local.
--Bay Road Photo visits the Big E

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