"Not eating chard. That's what all those weirdos eat at their stupid picnics on the Hungry Ghost lawn." -Nina

September 21, 2007

Around Town This Week...

--Montview Farm, at 38 Henry St., is having a free showing of Ghostbusters, outdoors at the farm, tomorrow evening on Saturday the 22nd. I haven't been able to confirm the time, but I believe it is at 8pm. You can all the farm at 413.825.6795 x306 or send an email here to confirm the time.
--Valley Free Radio is having a block party tomorrow afternoon from 12-6pm in Pulaski Park. Music for children from 12-3pm.
--The imitable Mike Kirby weighs in at the North St. Neighborhood Association on the proposed wetlands ordinance now under consideration in the City Council.
--Kelsey Flynn has the scoop on 'Slipperyfish'
--After a year of failures with MV Transportaion, PVTA has awarded a three year contract to Hulmes Transportation Services, who were ousted last year during an FBI probe of bid-rigging.
--Ilya "Amy" Hoffman, a daughter of Abbie Hoffman and resident of Northampton, passed away this past Sunday.
--Daryl Lafleur revisits the issue of occupancy and meal taxes in the city.
--The Pulaski Park Redesign Committee held their first meeting
--The Local Buzz has details on upcoming Fall Festivals in the area.

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