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September 10, 2007

Around Town This Week...

I am finding the hyper-local coverage as of late very welcome. There are quite a few new outlets covering issues, news, and the like in Northampton, and it seems appropriate to do a weekly post here where I note links to the stories that week that Northamptonist has found entertaining, useful, valuable, etc...

To that end, here is the first of these posts that I hope to have the discipline to do on a weekly basis.

--James Lowe at the Daily Hampshire Gazette files a report on Salvadoran woman living in Northampton who faces deportation after being involved in an auto accident.
--Kelsey Flynn at Paradise City offers details on the Florence Poets Society's call for entries for their poetry journal, Silkworm.
--Fred Contrada at the Republican explores the nuances of the story involving Alan Scheinman and Alan's preference of taking his dogs to the bathroom on the sidewalk in front of his home downtown.
--Daryl LaFleur reports on the special permit/site plan appeal of the Hilton Garden Inn.
--The North Street Neighborhood Association details the differences in language between the proposed wetlands ordinance and the current ordinance.
--Andrew Shelffo at The Prospect Perspective photographs some of the different variations of street signs in town noting 'Children at Play'
--NoPorn Northampton redesigns their site.

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