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August 31, 2007

Walk, Drive, Or Take The Train

Walk, Drive, or Take the Train.

If you were following Northamptonist's Twitter page this past week, you would have seen the following news items were made available as soon as we heard or witnessed them.

*RV trailer hit the railroad overpass on holyoke st. Harolds garage clearing it out now* 07:46PM August 31, 2007

*heard that coroners and police were at the state hospital development on sat. morning placing human remains into a bag. Can anyone verify?* 05:45 PM August 29, 2007

*Ha! Speaking of free films, in 5 mins. they are showing a locally made skate film in the alley off crafts ave.* 07:21 PM August 25, 2007

*Car accident on corner of kingsley and pleasant. Checking victim in city ambulance* 05:54 PM August 28, 2007

* 15 williams st is moving. Lots of stuff on the front yard. Everything is free.* 02:31 PM August 25, 2007

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